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A perfect blend of dried chilis delivered to bring big ass flavor and a little bit of heat to your meal.  Our RNNR Dust is the inspiration of trying to find an alternative to table side “crushed red pepper” that you can never get out of the shaker and never delivers true flavor.  RNNR Dust is perfectly ground to provide the biggest impact possible with the least amount of effort needed! It is way more than a pizza topper and is now the base for most of our home cooked meals when sauteing or needing a bang in your marinade!  

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RNNR Dust - Now Available in Two Options!

RNNR Dust Tin
RNNR Dust Glass shaker

4 oz tin – $15

4 oz glass shaker – $20

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RNNR Dust is featured in many of the dishes served at RD RNNR. It is the base for the dry rub on the ribs, highlighted on all the dirty fries and used as a topper on most of PECKS & BITES. Visit us at
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